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A powHerhouse studio workout is unlike any class you’ve taken before. With 10 different workout classes and styles, the PH crew is here to help you find your new fitness addiction. From pom poms to kettlebells, our classes will leave you feeling stronger, motivated, and unstoppable!


The House is a vibe, but we know that in-person classes aren’t always an option, which is why we created our virtual memberships! With fresh content dropping weekly, a virtual membership is the perfect addition to your workout regimen.

Classes For All Fitness Levels

We offer a variety of group fitness classes that are challenging, fun, and always innovative. We understand that no body nor lifestyle is the same, so we offer different classes and equipment to help find what works best for YOU. Our talented and knowledgeable instructors will guide you through a workout that will leave you feeling resilient and stronger each and every time you leave our studio. We crank the music up, dim the lights, and get to work! With the mix of cardio, strength, and restorative classes powHerhouse fitness studio helps you customize your fitness routine to achieve your goals.


Ready to move mountains?! Our POWER class is all about feeling strong. It’s a full body strength focused class with blasts of cardio to get your body sweating and build muscle. During POWER, you will rotate to 5 different stations, each with a range of weights and equipment to keep it fun and challenging. 

(80% strength 20% cardio)


Let’s get sweaty! Our PUSH class is all about pushing past your limits. This class will leave you dripping in sweat and feeling awesome!
Every class has 5 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) stations that will help
increase stamina, burn fat, and build endurance.

It’s pretty epic!

(80% cardio 20% strength)


Ready to kick some A$$?! Our PUNCH class is a high intensity cardio kick boxing class. It will get your heart pumping and leave you feeling unstoppable. We mix a cardio kickboxing routine, self defense moves, weights and more… the fun never stops! It’s the ultimate sweat sesh.

(80% cardio 20% strength)


Set, Shake, Sizzle! PLIE is a barre inspired class focusing on form, burning out smaller muscle groups, and finding length in our bodies. This class maxes out at 15 people and there is no dance experience necessary. This class is 45 minutes total, getting straight to the point and ending with a restorative stretch.

(100% strength with a side of shake)


It’s time we step it up! Our PUMP class is a combination of rhythmic movements and strength sets performed on a stepper. You will burn out your muscles and then shake it off with cardio combos on the stepper. This class is fun and upbeat. We’re throwing it back but adding our own PHunk. Come sweat and groove with us in PUMP!

(70% cardio 30% strength)

Squad up! Were you on the cheer team in high school? Maybe you always wanted to be? Or do you just need a good excuse to grab some pom-poms and jump around? Whatever the case may be, POMS is a vibe you don’t want to miss! This is a high energy cheerleading inspired cardio class. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even know it’s a work out until the next day when you can’t feel your arms 😉
We recommend ordering some pom-poms on Amazon to enhance your experience.
**this is a specialty class and only offered once a month

Burn baby Burn! Our PULSE class is a low weight, low impact, BURN OUT type of class. We focus on creating a mind body connection in each of our movements to help improve body awareness, balance, flexibility and stamina. This class has more of a pilates mat/yoga sculpt vibe. We constructed a class to strengthen and sculpt your body from head to toe. Time to tone! 

(100% strength with a side of shake)


Come unwind. Our PEACE class is a balance of energy and relaxation. Find length in your muscles, strength in your body, and peace in your mind. It’s the perfect class to mix in with a busy lifestyle.

Cool down vibes only.


The ultimate cardio combo! The intensity of push, and the creativity of punch makes for the ultimate hard pumping workout. Move around the room station to  station learning  mini punch combos that will test your coordination and push you physically. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s sweaty!

(90% cardio)

Grippy socks or studio shoes required


Adding weight and strength to step aerobics checks off all the boxes. Power pump is a mix of fun cardio step routine with strength circuits thrown in to leave your muscles pumped up and get your cardio endurance to sky rocket.

(60% cardio 40% strength)

Studio shoes required


Get active with the powHerhouse babes anywhere anytime! Access our library of hundreds of workouts ranging from bootcamps, quick burnouts, themed classes, pregnancy friendly, and more.

We have HUNDREDS of videos to choose from!


In studio members who are on autopay get their first month of virtual FREE and only $8 a month after that. Email the studio to redeem your member code when signing up.
*Note* that your virtual account is separate from your Mindbody account.
Not local? Join our virtual community for only $18 a month!
Our virtual membership renews monthly but can be paused or canceled any time through your virtual profile.
Check our Instagram to see if we’re offering any current promo codes for a discount!


At the end of the day we can kick your butt with no equipment needed, but we recommend having some of these pieces of equipment at home:

  • Dumbbells ranging 2lbs-15lbs
  • Towel or sliders
  • Stepper
  • Resistance loop or band
  • Squishy ball or pillow


Our library not only offers a wide variety of different class formats, lengths, and styles, but we also offer the ability to filter our video selection to find exactly what you’re looking for. Need a 20 minute workout with your favorite instructor? Just select your criteria and you’re ready to go!

PH Love

“Best instructors, best class variety, best community! My heart belongs to PowHerhouse!”

Elizabeth Haley

“I don’t carry confidence everywhere but I always feel it at PH”

Danielle Ritchey


What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing water and a sweat towel to every class.

Below is a breakdown of what we suggest for our different classes

Power/Push/Punch – INDOOR gym shoes or grippy socks

Plie/Pulse/Passion – grippy socks (INDOOR gym shoes optional for Passion)

PUMP – INDOOR gym shoes

Peace – Yoga mat

Poms – Pom poms!  and grippy socks or INDOOR gym shoes



How do i sign up?

Register on MINDBODY

Do you have a shower for after class clean up?

We don’t have a shower at the studio, but we do have a freshen-up bar, complete with a hair dryer, dry shampoo, hair ties/bobby pins, deodorant spray – everything you need to get started on your day!

I want in! But I don't live nearby!

We LOVE to see you at the studio, but understand that it’s not always an option, which is why we have our virtual content! Connect and sweat with your favorite instructors by registering here

Do you offer childcare?

Our Kid’s Club House is offered everyday (except Wednesdays and Sundays) at 9:30am. Workout worry free while our amazing staff watches your kids in our fun playroom




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Find us at the house

33 1/2 S Prospect (located above 2 Sisters Boutique)
Park Ridge, IL 60068


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